Above: Students During Move-In in front of the Cutler Majestic | Photo by Derek Palmer

One of the most inspiring things about working at Emerson is being around so many creative people—so much creative energy!—all the time. It’s everywhere—in classrooms, in studios, and on air; in the pitches I receive from alumni telling me about their latest venture; in the scholarly pursuits of our Emerson faculty. 

It’s no secret that Emersonians express themselves—and express themselves well. (Expression necessary to evolution, anyone?)  

And yet, when we took a critical look at this magazine it was clear that we could do a better job representing Emerson and our people in these pages—that is, representing the creativity, the assertiveness, the independent spirit that is foundational to this place.  

So, we made some visual changes, all with the goal of making Expression more readable, fun, creative, quirky, and, most importantly, representative of who Emerson is and who we aspire to be.  

We hope you think it’s a little bolder, a little louder, a little more Emerson. 

Thanks for reading. 

Charna Westervelt, Editor