International College of Management, Sydney; aerial shot of the Manly Beach campus and castle

Above: International College of Management, Sydney 

Not only is Business of Creative Enterprises one of the most diverse programs on Emerson’s campus, but it also has a robust international presence, both on the Boston campus and out in the world.  

Thirteen percent of BCE students, averaged over six years, are international, a cohort that contributes fresh perspectives in the classroom and opens classmates’ eyes to different ways of seeing and doing things.  

“We don’t want to be this [place of] American exceptionalism; we want to be respectful of cultures and realize we have things to learn from them. We’re about 20 years behind China in terms of streaming,” BCE Director and Senior Executive-in-Residence Wes Jackson said.  

A global marketplace demands a workforce that can communicate and collaborate effectively across cultures; graduates who are better prepared to work across cultures and borders are better poised to rise in their careers. To that end, BCE offers one—soon to be two—degree programs with partner institutions around the world.  

The Global BA in the Business of Creative Enterprises: Switzerland is a partnership with Franklin University in Lugano, in which students spend the first two years earning an associate’s degree in liberal arts from Franklin and then finish their BA in BCE at Emerson for the second two years. 

In 2022, Emerson is slated to launch the Global BA in Business of Creative Enterprises: Australia. Students will split their time between Emerson’s Boston and LA campuses and the International College of Management, Sydney. (The program launch was delayed due to the pandemic.)  

And Boston-bound BCE students will soon have a summer Global Pathways option tailored to their interests. During the Blueprinting Innovation: Sweden’s Globally Influential Creative Economy program, based in Stockholm, students will visit juggernaut brands Spotify, IKEA, and H&M; work on team projects; and take in cultural highlights.