Black and white vintage photo of a student org fair in front of the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade

Student clubs, organizations, and activities have always been an important part of the Emerson experience. In 1986, the staff of what was then called the Student Union organized an event for students to learn about the many opportunities available to them. Because the majority of Emerson’s campus was located in the Back Bay, organizers chose to hold the event at the nearby Edward A. Hatch Memorial Shell on the Charles River Esplanade. “Emerson on the Hatch Shell” was a huge success that first year and in subsequent years until the late 1990s, when the College moved to its current location. Today, the College has more than 100 student organizations and the annual Student Org Fair (now held in spaces on Emerson’s Boston campus) continues to be a popular start-of-the-academic-year tradition. 

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Photo provided by Emerson College Archives and Special Collections