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For a long time, the working title for our cover story was “The Arts in a Post-Pandemic World.” But the title was problematic for a couple of reasons.

First, it was boring. (Just being honest.)

Second, the phrase “post-pandemic world” was confusing. Are we still in a pandemic? How do we know? When I interviewed various Emersonians for this story, we questioned what “post-pandemic” even meant. And though I would ask them to reflect on their sector of the arts industry during the pandemic, we would acknowledge that in many ways, we are still very much in it.

And then, as I was finishing these conversations and writing the story, I tested positive for COVID. (So much for “post-pandemic.”)

It’s admittedly a strange time, as we figure out how to navigate life alongside a virus that just won’t go away.

But one thing is clear: Throughout this pandemic, Emersonians have kept on being their brilliant, creative, bold, entrepreneurial selves. I hope this issue of Expression captures the stories and voices of these artists, communicators, and creators doing what they do best—being Emersonian.

Thanks for reading.

Charna Mamlok Westervelt


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