Reaffirming a Commitment to Equity and Anti-racism

shot of Emerson College building with purple and white banners against a blue sky

As a follow-up to the Emerson Students of Color Week of Action in November, members of the Emerson community met to reaffirm the College’s commitment to creating a culture of equity and anti-racism at Emerson. Those in attendance were broadly representative of the College: faculty, students, senior administrators, deans, department chairs, and staff. This was a significant meeting in scope and purpose, reinforcing the reality that this is a College-wide issue that requires College-wide action. 

The Community Equity Action Plan affirms the College’s commitment to “grow in knowledge and empathy about the nature of our nation’s structural Whiteness as a caste system of power, as well as the ways in which this power is embedded in the culture at Emerson as an institution.” The College outlined next steps, including the plan to meet again with students to present specific measures and responses to the list of demands.  

Read the full statement and updates at emerson.edu/community-equity-action-plan.

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