Connecting a Name with a Face

Vintage photo showing Emerson College students protesting cutbacks to financial aid in 1982

I noticed, on page 38 [of the Fall/Winter 2020 issue of Expression], the picture of the Emerson students at a rally about the proposed financial aid cutbacks. 

The man with the megaphone at the right of the picture should be noted as my (and others’) former classmate Roger McPhail ’76. For some reason, his nickname at the time of our classes with Gay and Don Lumsden and the First Level Program was “Beanie.” I’m not sure I ever found out why. 

Roger died a few years back. He lived in Detroit at the time. He was an outstanding member of the Emerson community. It’s no surprise that he may have been leading, or at least prominent, at such a rally. 

Mark Bell ’76  
Belchertown, MA