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ChatGPT and generative AI technology have taken the world by storm. We wanted to test it out, so we asked ChatGPT to compose an Emerson Commencement greeting in some familiar voices.

We know that Emersonians are more creative than any bot. Help prove us right! We invite you to submit your creative writing to and we may publish it on or in a future print issue.

Jennifer Coolidge ’85

Well, hello there, Emerson College graduates! It’s me, Jennifer Coolidge, and I just wanted to say congrats on making it through college, sweetie! You guys are like, so smart and talented and I’m just like, blown away by all of you. From writing to film to acting, you’ve got what it takes to make it in this crazy world. So get out there and give it your all, honey! And when you’re at the top of the game, don’t forget to slide into my DMs and
let me know how it’s going, okay? Keep it fabulous, keep it glamorous, and keep on slaying!

William Shakespeare

Hark! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the dawn of a new era, as the graduates of Emerson College step forth into the world! Like thespians upon the stage, you have honed your craft and now stand ready to take your place among the greats. Your studies have been but a prelude to the grand performance that lies ahead, and I have no doubt that you shall play your parts with aplomb. So go forth, dear graduates,
and let your deeds be as great as your dreams. Congratulations, and may your lives be filled with many a standing ovation!

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Whoa, dude, check it out! You Emerson College graduates are totally rocking the cosmos right now! Your graduation is like a supernova of awesomeness, exploding with infinite possibilities and cosmic energy! You’ve expanded your minds and your horizons, and now you’re like multiversal beings, traversing the infinite expanse
of existence! So keep exploring, keep learning, keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, my interdimensional friends! Congratulations on this cosmic achievement, and may the universe continue to unfold in wondrous ways for you all!

A Local Bostonian

Ay, congrats to all you Emerson College grads out there! You guys freakin’ crushed it, kid! You’re wicked smaht and wicked talented, and you’re gonna go far. From writing to filmmaking to marketing, you’ve got what it takes to make a wicked big name for yourselves in any industry. So go out there and make us all proud, kid! And they, when you’re on your way to the top, make sure you grab a Dunkin’ iced coffee along the way, eh? Keep it real, keep it Boston, and keep on hustlin’!

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