Aminé and director Phillip Youmans watching a take at Big Bear Lake.

The Big, The Small, Everything in Between

Life at Emerson, although it feels more “normal” than it has in a while, looks nothing like a pre-pandemic academic year, before there were masks, quarantines, regular COVID testing, or worry about this highly contagious disease. 
Truly, the last 20 months have irreparably changed the way we experience, well, everything. We asked students what has been meaningful to them during this pandemic—and why. The following photos capture those moments in time from the last 20 months.

Lex Torrington ’22, Media Arts Production 

Xudong Liu, MFA ’23, Film and Media Art (left); Rebekah Oden ’23, Media Arts Production (right)

Anderson Hauptli ’24, IDIP 

Hailey Kroll ’25, Journalism (left); Briana Figarella ’23, VMA (right)

Kelsey Marlett ’22, Creative Writing

Will Ingman ’24, Journalism (left); Cooper Sherman ’23, Sports Communication (right)

Sara Ziegerhofer ’23, VMA  

Molly Berard ’24, VMA 


Amy Chiarelli ’23, Communication Disorders (left); Jennifer Shing ’25, Media Art Production (right)