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In early March, a dear friend in New York City—a non-Emersonian— texted me: “I saw The Daniels yesterday in a CBS segment that mentioned Emerson. Between them and Jennifer Coolidge, [Emerson] is having a good year! So cool!”

Emerson is having a good year—and some of our alumni have had a great awards season. (Oscars sweep, anyone? So fantastic.)

But we all know that Emersonians are about more than racking up awards. Emersonians are the innovative, independent, passionate people—in Boston, in Hollywood, and around the world—who are out there doing their thing, and doing it really well. They have the courage and the grit to create, make, and do, with or without the recognition.

This issue of Expression is full of examples of the interesting and important work that Emersonians are leading. As Genevieve Roth ’02, founder and CEO of Invisible Hand, says, “Once you know better, you want to do better.”

From my little view of the College, Emerson is having not just a good year; Emerson is having a quintessential
Emerson year.

Thanks for reading.

Charna Mamlok Westervelt

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