Expression’s Redesign and More

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New Expression Energy 

I wanted to shoot you a quick message to let you know how much I loved the magazine’s redesign! The AR feature where the cover comes to life through the Artvive app is so innovative. It’s such a cool idea to merge media and I love how the feature stories don’t feel like your standard alumni magazine. This new design feels like it actually reflects the energy and vibrance of Emerson, and I’m excited to see what future editions have in store! 

Jenna Montefiore ’17 

Los Angeles, CA 

Looking Good 

Thanks for running the photo of Professor Charlotte Lindgren and Professor Tom Dahill in the Fall 2021 issue. Hundreds recall Charlotte Lindgren’s enduring contributions to the College, but it was especially heartwarming to see my mentor Tom looking so well. As my advisor immediately following Emerson’s FLP experiment, his short-lived interdisciplinary BFA program provided the academic and artistic freedom that launched my successful career in business and industrial communications. 

Harold Jeffrey (Jeff) Rosen ’74  

Cranbury, NJ 

Staying Power

Thank you for the article “The Staying Power of the Liberal Arts” in Expression magazine, Fall/Winter 2020. I am so happy that the liberal arts continues, and grateful to Emerson College for granting the Marlboro Institute its “staying power.” Thanks again for such an articulate, well-researched article. 

Wendy Kilpatrick ’77 (Marlboro)  

Alexandria, VA 

Last Issue, We Asked:

What was your favorite Emerson class, and why? 

Ken Crannell’s Voice and Articulation was the best—challenging yet useful. Ken changed the accent in your voice by demonstrating what you sounded like and gave you the tools to adjust. He was also a great mentor for me. 

Chris Pagliaro ’84  
Narragansett, RI 

Propaganda and Public Opinion in the mid-’70s. Walt Littlefield was a fantastic teacher who conducted a tremendous and compelling class. The subject matter remains front and center in our current world. Walt taught us to keep a very strong BS radar on full alert. 

Mark Maher Stewart ’77  
Valley Glen, CA 

This Issue’s Question 

What song was the soundtrack for your Emerson experience? 

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